Welcome to Menter Felinheli

Menter Felinheli has been established to bring economic and social benefits to the village and its surrounding area.

At a public meeting held in the village in July, strong support was shown for the objectives of the Initiative. The intention is to develop the resources within the village for the benefit of the local community. It is necessary to be inclusive and consider everyone's input locally while developing projects and plans for the community's well-being.

As our first project, Menter Felinheli is considering the possibility of buying the Felinheli marina, which has been in the hands of the receiver since June.

The marina is on a very significant site – indeed, this is the reason for the existence of the village, as it was the port where Dinorwig slate was exported to all four corners of the world. But despite past efforts, there is nothing to link the location's history with the modern age.

The marina was created on the outskirts of the village in the 1980s, but to a large extent, it exists as a separate community – we hope to change this for the benefit of the community in Felinheli.

If successful, this will be the first community enterprise in Wales to own a marina, although examples already exist in Scotland.

These are very early days for Menter Felinheli and whatever happens to the marina in the future, there will be other valuable projects that the Initiative can support for the benefit of the village and its people.