Share Offers


Share offer launched

We’ve reached an important milestone in the attempt to buy the harbour and marina for the village as we submit our financial offer for the site to the receivers.

We can’t reveal the value of the offer, but are hopeful that a combination of grants and local financial support can put the site in the hands of the community for the first time.

This month we are also launching the campaign to sell shares in the project.

The target is to raise at least £300,000 in November with each share costing £100.

This is an ambitious but realistic target given advice we have received from experts and other community enterprises.

Other initiatives have been successful and there is no reason why the people of this area can’t succeed too.

We will of course need more than that, and we have already submitted one application for a substantial grant and another one is in the process of being completed.

Buying the marina on behalf of local people would help the whole village by using the profits from the marina to support other local projects and initiatives, thereby bringing financial and social benefit to the area.

This is too good an opportunity to miss.

And this is also your opportunity. We appeal to everyone who supports us, locally or from further afield, to buy shares.

The situation is fast moving, so please contribute in the next few weeks if you can.

The sale of shares is an essential part of the project – there will be no purchase if this vital part does not succeed. So we are urging people to buy.

Of course, many people have left the village over the years too, and if you know someone in that situation, contact them, explain what’s going on, and give them an opportunity to support the initiative.